Office 2016 style ribbon component.

AXWRichEdit is a ribbon component with the Office 2016 style.

Works with Delphi 7 and up to the current Delphi version. Will probaly compile with Delphi 6 and possibly Delphi 5.

A Ribbon is divided in Pages, like "Home". A page is divided in Groups, like "Font". A Group can have a Content action. You put buttons on a group. The buttons can be either large or small.

Button types:

Application menu. When used, this will be the first (index #0) page. An application menu can have sub menus (pages) and a MRU list.

Actions are used to execute buttons.

Full source code is included.

Released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

Copyright (c) 2021 Axolot Data