Word Processor

AXWWriter is a Word Processing component designet to be compatible with MS Word. The component don't need any other software or libraries to be installed.

AXWWriter works togheter with DOCXReadWrite, which also is included. Please take a look at DOCXReadWrite for more features. AXWWriter is easy to use. If you are familiar with DOCXReadWrite, you allready have the knowledge that's needed, as all control of the Word data is trough the DOCXReadWrite object of AXWWriter.

AXWWriter also comes with components for printing and print preview. A set of Actions is included for easy assigning to menus.

On the Download page can you download a demo applicarion with AXWWriter that you can test your Word files with.

AXWWriter works with all Delphi versions, from 7 up to the current.

VCL and Firemonkey are supported.

No runtime fees for the component.

Full source code included.


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Key features
Preview documents. The editor is always in preview (WYSIWYG) mode.
Print documents.
Text formatting
formatting like: Bold, italic, underline sub/superscript etc.
Paragraph formatting
formatting like: Align, indentation, spacing, etc.
Numbering and bullets lists including user defined numbering styles.
Tables can be nested to any depth. Cells can be merged in any way. Support for all table borders and fill.
Hyperlinks and bookmarks.
Can be external targets like web pages and files or to bookmarks within the document.
Style sheets.
Support character, paragraph, table and numbering stylesheets in the same way as MS Word.
Insert and edit pictures.
Text boxes.
You can place text boxes in the same way as pictures. Fill and line style is supported.
Headers and footers.
Can be on first/odd/even pages.
Footnotes and endnotes.
Spell checking.
The spell checker uses Hunspell, and open source spell checker that also is used by many well known applications like Firefox, Mac OS X etc.
Macro recording and playback.
Record and play keyboard macros like in Delphi.
Revisions can be edited in the document. List changes amd authors. Accept or reject changes. Filter by author.


  • RTF files.
  • HTML files.
  • Text files.


  • RTF files.
  • HTML files.
  • PDF files.
  • Text files.

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