Work with MS Word files

DOCXReadWrite is a native Delphi component for reading, writing and editing MS Word DOCX files.
The component uses MS Word 2007 DOCX file format as default and is designed to be compatible with MS Word.

Documents can be viewed and printed.

The component is available for VCL and Firemonkey and comes with full source code.

The compnent comes with several samples, including an application that creates documentation from pascal files by extracting comments and source code to build the documentation.

Click here to learn how to use DOCXReadWrite.

Key features
Preview documents.
Print documents.
FileToCode utility that will convert the content of a MS Word document to the Delphi source code that you need to build the documant. This makes it easy to learn how to build a certain type of document.
Send to
Name: <<Name>>
Address: <<Address>>
Easy to work with tagged text
You can create a list of tagged text with just one function call. Either as a list of selections or as bookmarks. The tagged text can then easily be replaced. Example:


DOCX.Editor.Bookmarks.Find('bmkName').PlainText := 'John Doe';
DOCX.Editor.Bookmarks.Find('bmkAddress').PlainText := 'Main Street 1202';
Text formatting
All MS Word Character formatting. Bold, italic, underline sub/superscript etc.
Paragraph formatting
All MS Word paragraph formatting. Indentation, spacing, color borders etc.
Tables can be nested to any depth. Cells can be merged in any way. Support for all table borders and fill.
Numbering and bullets lists including user defined numbering styles.
Style sheets.
Support character, paragraph, table and numbering stylesheets.
Are usually used as link targets in the document, but can also easilly be used as placeholder for text that you want to replace.
Another built-in use of bookmarks is to create mail merge. The bookmarks can be created from tagged text, like "<<FirstName>>", in a template document.
Can be external targets like web pages and files or to bookmarks within the document.
Can be inserted in the text like a characters, placed in a paragraph with the text floating arounf it or in the front or behind the text.
Text boxes and Frames.
You can place text boxes in the same way as pictures. Fill and line style is supported.
Headers and footers.
Can be on first/odd/even pages.
Footnotes and endnotes.
Forms and form fileds.
You can create forms ready to fill out or extract the data from forms that are filled out.
You can handle document revisions. Accept or reject changes, list aouthors etc.
Encrypted documents.
You can read and write encrypted files. This assumes of course that you know the password for the file you reads.


  • RTF files.
  • HTML files.
  • Word 97 DOC files (character and paragraph formatting is preserved).
  • Text files.


  • RTF files.
  • HTML files.
  • PDF files.
  • Text files.

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