A complete solution for working with MS Excel files.

Native access to Excel files. The user doesn't need to have Excel, or any other software installed.

XLSReadWriteII uses it's own memory manager that is optimized for storing cell values. This means that you can work with larger files. If your files still not will fit in memory, there is a Direct Read and Direct Write modes that let you process files on disc.

Stability. One of the major goals with XLSReadWriteII was to create a product that won't corrupt the Excel files and won't alter any data in the file. The engine that handles XLSX files is automatically built directly from the file format specifications with our special developed tool. This will ensure maximum comatibility.

No runtime fees for the component.

Full source code included.

We released the first version of XLSReadWrite in 1998. At that time it was the only component that could read and write Excel 97+ files. We are commited to have the leading Excel solution for Delphi in the future as well.

Version 6 released!
Important news:

Key features
Read and write any cell value...


Format the cells as you want...
Access all printing options...
XLSReadWriteII has full support for unicode.
As all strings are Unicode, you will not have any problems with non-english characters.
Direct Read and Direct Write.
You can read and write cells directly from the file, without storing them in memory. As an Excel 2007+ file can contain up to 16 billion cells this ca be important if you want to save memory.
Drawing objects.
Insert all kinds of drawing objects, from simple lines to AutoShapes.
Cell notes and text boxes.
Create and edit text boxes and cell notes as you want.
Create charts with the same options as in Excel.
Pivot Tables.
Easy to create pivot tables much as in the same way as in Excel.
Use named areas/cells.
All types of hyperlinks are supported.
Encrypted documents.
You can read and write encrypted files. This assumes of course that you know the password for the file you reads.

Rich Text cells.
In order to easy create cells with multiple font formatting, the cells can be read and written in the Rich Text (RTF) format or with html-like tags:
'A line with <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i> text.'

VBA Macros.
Macros in files can be read and written Macros that are created with XLSReadWriteII can be assigned can be assigned to control objects such as buttons, combo boxes etc.

Import and export.

Import data from...

Export data to...

And more...

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